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Customized training to transform and create productive workplaces


Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Why isn’t my team more connected and engaged?
  • How can I develop more high-performing people and teams?
  • How am I supposed to fix this by myself?

That’s far too much to take on alone. We’ve got your back.


The secret to a transformed workplace?

A customized approach.

Training for everyone

One-day management seminars never solve the problem. By getting everyone in the same room, staff members are able to both understand and, oftentimes, resolve issues much faster.

An unbiased approach

Leveraging objective data from industry-leader and research-based assessments allows us to tailor coaching to the individual and overall group while also eliminating emotional responses that can sometimes hold a team back.

Coaches, not consultants

This is really the secret sauce that brings everything together. Where consultants are normally in and out, we see ourselves as encouraging coaches invested in your team for the long haul!

How we work

We are a team ready to capitalize on untapped strengths and support leaders who are open-minded, innovative, and invested in cultivating natural talents.

We want to be your trusted thought leaders who can jump in at any phase.

1. Have the initial call

We always start by listening. During your initial call, we want to hear everything about your current reality and team; what’s good, what’s bad, things that need to be addressed in the immediate future, and more.

2. Discovery assessment

Up to 20 key leaders, including yourself, will complete an industry-leading CliftonStrengths™ assessment. This will ensure both your team and ours understand each member’s unique talents ahead of our group session.

3. Get everyone together

This is where the magic happens. During a 4 hour Gallup™ Global Strengths Training session, your group will receive insight into the natural talents of themselves and others and receive hands-on activities for building more well-rounded teams.

4. Start seeing results

People who have an opportunity to use their talents and strengths are:

  • 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • 6 times more like to feel they have the chance to do what they do best every day
  • 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life

We are truly committed to your success as a leader. Our action-oriented approach and ongoing partnership will help ensure you are seeing these kinds or results as you navigate the ongoing leadership of your organization.

What you’ll get

We’re your partners in developing, engaging, and investing in your team. We’ll work to improve your professional development, management effectiveness, team dynamics, conflict resolution, and team performance.

Customized Team Training

We support a team-based approach to leadership, improving communication, collaboration, and overall employee engagement.

Individual Professional Coaching

We work with individuals to understand their unique strengths and now to maximize them in the workplace.

New Leader Coaching

Our coaches are trained to help new leaders flourish by focusing on what they naturally do best and guiding them to invest in those talents.

Leverage excellence, maximize productivity, increase engagement
Clarify roles, improve dialogue, get more done in less time
Leverage excellence, maximize productivity, increase engagement
Clarify roles, improve dialogue, get more done in less time

Imagine your workplace where…

  • The goals that you set are being accomplished
  • Exponential growth as an organization
  • You feel confident in how you are wired to lead
  • Conflict is resolved quickly and effectively
  • A fortified workspace where team members are invested personally and professionally

Ready to get started?