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Transforming YOU

We use an individualized approach to coaching to cultivate your potential and maximize your success.


Personal growth can be difficult on your own.

Everybody needs a coach

We will help you:

  • See your blind spots
  • Close your skills gaps 
  • Unlock self-imposed limits
  • Navigate challenges and meet goals 
  • Open your mind to new perspectives

Fortify LEADS is here to help!


We start with your strengths

Our team of CliftonStrengths™ experts will work with you to identify your strengths and coach you to develop them to promote success. This approach helps you aim your natural talents at something that supports your own personal development to create success inside and outside of the organization.

CliftonStrengths™ coaches provide:

  • Individual professional coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Manager coaching
  • Executive & leadership coaching

One-on-One CliftonStrengths™ Coaching

Whether you’re a student or an experienced executive, knowing what you do best every day and better aiming those talents to support your goals is proven to improve productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

1. Initial call

We always start by listening. During your initial call, we want to hear everything about your current reality. What’s good, what’s bad, any specific goals you already have, and more.

2. Assessment

We’ll have you complete an industry-leading CliftonStrengths™ assessment. This will ensure our team fully understands your unique talents ahead of our coaching.

3. Coaching & results

During our sessions, you will receive insight into your natural talents and how you can take action immediately. The best part? We’re with you for the long haul to ensure you are achieving your goals!

Ready to get started?