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Leadership development tailored to your community’s needs


The fast-paced changes in our world have raised so many questions.

  • How do we get more people involved in leading the community?
  • How do we develop a pipeline of emerging and current leaders to impact the community?
  • How do you increase awareness and appreciation so people fall in love with the community and become more engaged?

At Fortify LEADS, we want to help answer those questions and transform your community.


Every community has LEADers waiting to be engaged.

That’s where Fortify LEADS comes in.

Why will it work?

Based on years of community input and experience, this turnkey solution will allow your community to start building new leaders now.

Who will it work for?

From ambitious young professionals to seasoned leaders, individuals from your community will come together in a 10 month strengths-based training.

What is it?

Community LEADS is a county-wide leadership development and coaching program, bringing the services of Fortify LEADS to people from across your community.

By starting a Community LEADS leadership training program, you’re investing in the foundation of your community: the people.


Our Curriculum

  • Personal Development and Self-Assessments
  • Understanding the Nonprofit Landscape
  • Digging into Civic Engagement
  • Evaluating the Health and Well-Being of Our Community
  • Quality of Place | Reverse Cities Field Trip
  • Exploring Education in our Region
  • A Regional Community Development Perspective
  • Leadercast – A region-wide annual event

What you’ll get

  • Skilled and experience program facilitators
  • A comprehensive team providing full-service support
  • Turnkey solution with a full playbook
  • Step-by-step process for cohort selection
  • Curriculum roadmap to use and customize
  • Customized branding, marketing, and communication templates
  • Access to Fortify LEADS alumni for ongoing engagement

Do you want to get Community LEADS started in your county?

Click one of the options below to see how you can start transforming your community.

Launch Your Program

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

This will give us the opportunity to hear about your current and past experiences while also sharing our vision. This is also a great time to ask questions!

2. Build Interest & Resources for Launch

Together, we will help implement kickoff meetings, secure funding, and create a curriculum people in your county can start looking forward to.

3. Celebrate the Launch & Future Success!

Even after launching, we will continue to tailor your Community LEADS program to the businesses and organizations in your region as we move forward year after year.

Get Engaged

How would you like to be involved?

Ready to get started?